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Biomedical science or also known as biomedicine is one of the fastest growing areas of the health care research and industry. The development of advanced diagnostic tools and new treatments for the prevention and cure of human diseases relies on the integration of knowledge from various disciplines such as microbiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, immunology, anatomy, physiology, genetics and molecular biology to improve understanding on the pathophysiology of diseases and the physiological functions of the human body.

The Biomedicine postgraduate programme is designed to enable graduates to continue their study at a higher level by conducting research in various biomedical disciplines. The programme gives students practical background in biomedical techniques and applications while developing a strong understanding on how the human body functions in health and disease, and how treatments for disease are developed.

This programme is offered on a full time or part time basis. The aim of this programme is to produce scientific leaders in a wide variety of settings, including academia, the private sector and in government service.


Please visit the Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) website at www.ips.usm.my for online application.


Programme Qualification CGPA Academic Grade Requirement
Master Bachelor Degree 3.00 and above Subject to additional requirement(s) by the School
2.75 – 2.99

1. Research experience (minimum 6 month)


2. Grade A- for final year project


3. Subject to additional requirement(s) by the School

Doctor of Philosophy Master Degree (Coursework or Mixed Mode) 3.00 and above Subject to additional requirement(s) by the School
2.75 – 2.99

1. Research experience (minimum 5 years)


2. Professional experience in related field (minimum 5 years)


3. Two (2) academic publications (journals, not proceedings) in the field applied


4. Grade B for major/elective courses


5. Subject to additional requirement(s) by the School

Master Degree (Research Mode) N/A Subject to additional requirement(s) by the School

* Foreign Student has to produce English proficiency result as follows:

  • TOEFL paper based (minimum score 550) or
  • TOEFL computer based (minimum score 213) or
  • TOEFL Internet-based (minimum score 80) or
  • IELTS (skor minimum Band 6)


Mode Master Doctor of Philosophy
Full Time Min. 2 semester / Max. 6 semester Min. 4 semester / Max. 10 semester
Part Time Min. 4 semester / Max. 12 semester Min. 6 semester / Max. 15 semester


  Registration Fees Tuition Fees Personal Bond Examination Fees
Malaysian RM340.00

RM4100/Semester (Full Time)

RM3525/Semester (Part Time)


RM100.00 (PhD)

RM750.00 (MSc)

International RM910.00

RM6150.00/Semester (Full Time)

RM5600.00/Semester (Part Time


RM1500.00 (PhD)

RM1000.00 (MSc)



Molecular and Cellular Biology




Haematology and Transfusion Sciences








Name Research Interest and Expertise
  Professor Dr. Norazmi Mohd. Nor

Research Interest: Tuberculosis vaccine, diagnostics and therapeutics development

Expertise: Molecular Immunology

  Professor Dr. Shaharum Shamsuddin

Research interest: Molecular oncology, Epigenetic

Expertise: Gene regulation, protein-protein interaction, Nanomedicine

  Professor Dr. Zainul Fadziruddin Zainuddin

Research Interest & Expertise:

Microbiology, Molecular microbiology

  Associate Professor Dr. Farid Che Ghazali

Research Interest:

Characterisation of local geo-chemical signature natural products (via Microscopic, Chemical and micro-analytical techniques).

Enhancing taxonomy and commercial-able innovation of local natural products  (from inland herbals to marine outsources via FRGS, ScienceFund, Short Terms and MOSTI incentives Grants Funding).


In the field of Dentistry: Oral Biology, Craniofacial Anatomy and Histology.

In the field of Medical and Health Sciences:  Human Anatomy and Histology, High-Resolution and Electron Microscopy. Human Disaster and Relief.

  Associate Professor Dr. Few Ling Ling

Research Interest: Regulation of human choline and ethanolamine kinase gene expression, Characterization of Entamoeba histolytica choline and ethanolamine kinases

Expertise: Biochemistry, cell and molecular biology

  Associate Professor Dr. Lim Boon Huat

Research Interest: Development of diagnostic assays for intestinal and extraintestinal amoebiasis, Diagnosis, prevention and control of soil-transmitted helminthiases, lymphatic filariasis, toxoplasmosis, intestinal and zoonotic parasitic diseases

Expertise: Western blotting, ELISA, serological assays, rapid diagnostic kits, Entamoeba histolytica axenic culture.

  Associate Professor Pim Chau Dam

Research Interest: Thalassaemia and haemoglobinopaties, transfusion science and medical parasitology

Expertise: Haematology, Transfusion Science, Medical Laboratory Technology, Parasitology


Associate Professor Dr. Rapeah Suppian

Research Interest:

Innate immunity, immunomodulatory activity of plants and vaccines, antibacterial activity of plants

Expertise: Immunology, molecular immunology, innate immunity

  Associate Professor Dr. See Too Wei Cun

Expertise: Molecular & Cell Biology

Research Interest: Regulation of choline and ethanolamine kinases

  Dr. Ezzeddin Kamil Mohamed Hashim Research Interest & Expertise: Applications of programming, algorithm, machine learning and database in the fields of Bioinformatics, Immuno Informatics and Health Informatics.
  Dr. Hermizi Hapidin

Research Interest: Bone Metabolism, Natural Product

Expertise: Anatomy

  Dr. Idris Long

Research Interest: The cellular and molecular mechanism of painful diabetic neuropathy The modulation of learning and memory process in neurodegenerative disease

Expertise: Pain, Neurodegeneration mechanism

  Dr. Lim Poh Ying

Research Interest & Expertise:

Biostatistics, statistical modelling, survival and reliability analysis using different types of complex and advance statistical methods on the health, medical and simulation data.


Dr. Maryam Azlan

Research interest: Functional specialization of human monocytes and dendritic cells, monocytic microparticles, monocytes and endothelial cell interaction, monocytes in disease conditions, inflammatory diseases

Expertise: Monocyte subset functions, human blood leukocyte isolation, flow cytometry analyses, cellular immunology, immunohaematology


Dr. Mohd Dasuki Haji Sul’ain

Research interest: Herbal extraction, phytochemicals and efficacy study of Smilax myosotiflora extracts, Toxicity effects of herbal extract on male rats, Male reproductive toxicology, Male rats sexual behavioral study, In vitro anticancer study of Dendropthoe pentandra extract and phylogenetic study of gingers

Expertise: Pharmacology, Toxicology, Herbal and natural product research, Animal behavioral study, In vitro anticancer research, Phytochemical study of plants extract.


Dr. Nik Norliza Nik Hassan

Research Interest: Gene profiling

Expertise: Microarray, gene expression, epigenetic study


Dr. Nik Siti Hanifah Nik Ahmad

Research Interest & Expertise:

Health informatics, e-learning, alternative and complementary medicine, online 3d virtual learning environment

  Dr. Noor Izani Noor Jamil

Research interest & Expertise:

Food Microbiology (microbial quality analysis of food and water), Diagnostic microbiology (TB), Anti-cancer properties of medicinal plants


Dr. Nor Fazila Che Mat

Research Interest: Antiviral and antitumor properties of plants, Mechanims of plant extracts bioactive compound on human cervical cancer, Modulation of immunity in viral infection

Expertise: Immunology, tumor immunology, Viral immunity, Molecular biology


Dr. Nurhidanatasha Abu Bakar

Research Interest: Cellular and molecular biology of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium knowlesi , antimalarial drug discovery and development from natural medicinal plants, mechanisms of action and resistance of antimalarial drugs

Expertise: Fluorescence microscopy, Confocal microscopy, Scanning electron microscopy, Transmission electron microscopy, Flow cytometry, Biochemical assays, Malaria parasite culture

  Dr. Nur Salwani Bakar

Research Interest & Expertise: Pharmacogenetic studies on the discovery of novel human genetic polymorphisms, their functional significance and their relationship to outcome of drug therapy, susceptibility to adverse drug reactions and susceptibility to complex diseases.
  Dr. Nurul Asma Abdullah

Research Interest: Understanding the role of IL-17A on bone remodelling mechanism, understanding the cell-biomaterial interaction for bone/dental regenerative therapy, anti-asthmatic effects of Tiger Milk mushroom in ovalbumin-induced airway inflammation of acute and chronic models, Immunomodulatory effects of natural products in in vitro and in vivo models.

Expertise: Vaccinology / Molecular Immunology

  Dr. Sabreena Safuan

Research interest:

Inflammatory pathway of cancer invasion and metastasis

Modulation of endothelial functions and inflammatory markers in polycystic ovarian syndrome

Expertise: Molecular/cellular pathology, Cancer metastasis and invasion

  Dr. Tan Suat Cheng

Research Interest:Stem cell-based regenerative and targeted anti-cancer therapy, Extraction of anti-cancer compound from medicinal plants

Expertise: Primary stem cell culture, cell biology, molecular biology


Dr. Yvonne-Tee Get Bee

Research Interest: Application of noninvasive iontophoresis technique in disease prevention and treatment of humans and animals, Plaque Instability biomarkers in acute coronary syndrome, Noninvasive assessment of microvascular function

Expertise: Physiology; Biomarkers of Coronary Artery Disease; Transdermal Drug Delivery in Disease Prevention and Treatment

  Dr. Wan Amir Nizam Wan Ahmad

Research Interest: Natural products pharmacology and toxicity

Cardiovascular disease - diabetes – obesity pharmacological studies

Animal model of disease

Expertise: Pharmacology

  Dr. Wan Ezumi Mohd Puad @ Mohd Fuad

Research Interest & Expertise: Reproductive & general toxicology, pharmacology

  Dr. Wan Nor Azilah @ Wan Nor Amilah Wan Abdul Wahab

Research Interest & Expertise:

Tropical infectious diseases, Medical microbiology, Clinical microbiology

  Dr. Yusmazura Zakaria

Research Interest & Expertise:

Biochemistry, Natural Product , Medical Biotechnology

  Dr. Zefarina Zulkafli

Research Interest:

Haematology, thalasemia, blood transfusion

Expertise: Haematology, thalasemia, blood transfusion Thalasemia, molecular haematology, flowcytometry, hematopoietic stem cell

  Mr. Nor Azmi Zainal

Research Interest & Expertise:

Haematology, Transfusion Science, Bioinformatics, e-learning, moodle

  Mr. Zamri Ibrahim

Research Interest & Expertise:

Health Informatics, Health Information System, ICT Management, Decision Support System

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