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1ABDUL ALIF BIN ABD HAMIDPenyelidikan25/02/2015DR. NIK FAKHURUDDIN BIN NIK HASSAN Trace Elemental Profiling of Hair and Nail for Monitoring Environmental and Occupational Exposure Among Police Traffic Officers in Kuala Lumpur
2ADAMU AHMAD RUFA&#39IPenyelidikan27/09/2012PROFESSOR WAN ABDUL MANAN BIN WAN MUDA Evaluation of self reported physical activity and quality of life among breast cancer survivors
3AEDRIANEE REEZA BINTI ALWIPenyelidikan20/10/2008MR S. PANNEERCHELVAMTracing the origin of The Malay Race through Morphological, Historical, Socio-culture and Genetic Analyses: The Genetic Analysis on the Autosomal Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) and Y-chromosome Short Tandem Repeats (Y-STRs)
4AINAA ALMARDHIYAH BINTI ABD RASHIDPenyelidikan09/01/2014ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DR. HAMID JAN BIN JAN MOHAMED The Association of Nutritional Status and Physical Activity Level with Plasma Adiponectin Concentrations among Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients
5ALLIA BINTI SHAHRILPenyelidikan04/08/2009PROFESSOR DR. NORAZMI BIN MOHD NOR 'HLA Genetic Profile of Malay Sub-Ethnic Groups of Peninsular Malaysia as Determined by PCR-SSP and SBT Methods'
6ANIS FADHILAH BINTI ZULKIPLIPenyelidikan07/04/2011DR. RAPEAH BINTI SUPPIAN Detection of apoptosis of the murine microphage cell line j774a.1 stimulated by a recombinant bcg (rbcg) expressing the merozoite surface protien-1 (msp-1c) of plasmadium falciparum
7ANISAH BINTI AHMADPenyelidikan03/09/2015MR S. PANNEERCHELVAMMolecular characterization of wild animal species of Malaysia using Mitochondrial DNA Cytochrome Oxidase I (COI), 12S rRNA and 16S rRNA for species identification
8ASHRAF A. A. ABUMHADIPenyelidikan20/01/2011PROFESSOR DR. ZALINA BT ISMAIL The non pharmacological modulation of phantom limb pain through neurocognitive behavioural therapy
9ASMA ULHUSNA BINTI SHAIMIPenyelidikan18/02/2015PROFESSOR DR. ZALINA BT ISMAIL Modulation of neurosteroidogenesis as a response to activation of learning and memory in the rat Hippocampus
10AZLINI BINTI ISMAILPenyelidikan17/01/2010DR. WAN AMIR NIZAM BIN WAN AHMAD Pharmacological Evaluation on The Effect of Syzygium Polyanthum (Wight) Walp. Var. Polyanthum Leaves Extract Effect on Rat's Cardiovascular System
11BAHRAM JALAEIPenyelidikan02/06/2011DR. MOHD NORMANI BIN ZAKARIA Brain Plasticity in Children With Hearing Aids Following a Novel Auditory Training: Electrophysiological and Behavioral Evaluations
12BIBI ZAYNAB TOORABALLYPenyelidikan02/01/2015ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DR. HAMID JAN BIN JAN MOHAMED Nutrition and lifestyle intervention based on stages of change on individuals with risks of metabolic syndrome in Mauritius
13CHE AISHAH NAZARIAH BINTI ISMAILPenyelidikan18/02/2015DR. IDRIS BIN LONG The roles of microglia cell and NMDA receptor activation on the pathogenesis of painful diabetic neuropathy in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats model
14CHONG CHOI YENCampuran09/06/2014Campuran
15CHOO MORLEY LIZAPenyelidikan18/09/2014DR. SRILEKHA SAHAImpact of differential exercise training on the level of proprioception and muscle-potentially in female individuals suffering from osteoarthritis of knee joint
17DARULIZA KERNAIN BINTI MOHD AZMANPenyelidikan09/08/2013ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DR. SHAHARUM BIN SHAMSUDDIN, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DR. SEE TOO WEI CUN, DR. TAN SUAT CHENG Mapping of the interaction between multivalent trancription factor, CTCF and Y box binding protein 1 (YB-1) in glioma and osteosarcoma cell lines
18DEIVENDRAN KALIRATHINAMPenyelidikan29/12/2014DR. SOUMENDRA SAHA Effectivesness of balance and neuromuscular exercises training in lower lateral ligament ankle injury rehabilitation in young athletes
19DWI PRIYANTINIPenyelidikan13/12/2012MISS RADZIAH BT. MOHD FAUZI, DR. AZIZAH BINTI OTHMAN The Relationship Between Job Stress and Job Satisfaction among Nurses in Hospitals in Surabaya
20FARAH 'ATIQAH BINTI AB RAHMANPenyelidikan19/02/2013DR. WAN EZUMI BINTI MOHD PUAD @ MOHD FUAD Evaluation of the hypoglycaemic effects of cordyceps sinensis in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
21FARHANA BINTI CHE DAHPenyelidikan10/02/2012DR. NORFARIZAN HANOON BINTI NOOR AZMI 'Effect of Cooking on Nutritional Composition and Sensory Acceptability of Porcupine and Venison'
22FARIA SULTANAPenyelidikan18/03/2015DR. SRILEKHA SAHA Cost effectiveness of aerobic exercise and composite exercise intervention training on improvement in health status among Type-II Diabetes Mellitus elderly in Malaysia and Bangladesh
23FATARIAH BINTI ZAKARIAPenyelidikan26/02/2014ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DR. WAN ROSLI BIN WAN ISHAK The effect of Benincasa hispida additional on nutritional composition and glycemix index value of some selected cakes
24FONG SIEW WAIPenyelidikan18/01/2010DR. TEE GET BEE @ YVONNE Biomarkers of Plaque Instability : Comparison between Acute Coronary Syndrome and Chronic Stable Angina Patients
25FOO PHIAW CHONGPenyelidikan27/11/2013DR. LIM BOON HUAT Development of a thermostabilised multiplex LAMP-ICT-DNA biosensor for rapid detection of Entamoeba histolytica
26FOONG TONG LINGCampuran09/06/2014Campuran
27FOUJIA HUDAPenyelidikan19/08/2014DR. SOUMENDRA SAHA Comparative efficacy of visuomotor behaviour rehearsal and biofeedback in amelioration of performance disaster in athletes.
28GUO YIQIANGPenyelidikan15/09/2013DR. SOON LEAN KENG QoL & Illness Experiences Among Breast Cancer Women Undergoing Chemotherapy In Beijing
29HAIRUNNISA BINTI MOHAMAD ANAS KHANPenyelidikan04/10/2012MR T. NATARAJA MOORTHY , DR. NIK FAKHURUDDIN BIN NIK HASSAN Stature, Sex and Weight Estimation from Footprint and Footoutline Dimensions of Selected Ethnic Groups in Sarawak for Forensics Investigation
30HANI NAWAF IBRAHIM ALQUDAHPenyelidikan16/12/2009DR. SOON LEAN KENG Assessment of Cognitive Bias in Decision Making & Leadership among Critical Care Nurses in Prince Hamzah Hospital, Jordan: A Mixed Method Study