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School of Health Sciences has allocated almost one third of its floor area to nineteen fully equipped laboratories for teaching and research. Unit Pengurusan Makmal Sains (UPMS) or Science Lab Management Unit is responsible for the maintenance and supervision of all the laboratories in PPSK, while at the same time providing support for lab based teaching and research activities. Skilled UPMS staff also give services and advice to researchers requiring the use of specialized analytical instruments such as mass spectrometer, HPLC etc.



  • To supervise and maintain the laboratories in PPSK for a conducive teaching and research environment
  • To provide services, technical advice and proper training for PPSK students and staff or non PPSK members

Main activities

  • Monitoring the safety and security of users and laboratories
  • Routine maintenance and servicing of equipments
  • Preparation of equipments and reagents for lab practical classes
  • Giving instruction and demonstration during lab practical classes
  • Planning of lab space allocation and purchasing of equipments and reagents
  • Provide and organize training in lab safety and other aspects of lab skills
  • Centralized management of hazardous waste and loan of equipments or reagents
  • Documentation according to ISO 9001:2008 standards


  • e-Counter
  • An innovation from UPMS to replace the traditional paper-based request forms with electronic online forms. It enables easier access to the users and more efficient updates to the administrators. Items received through UPMS will also be recorded electronically to ensure efficient and systematic inventory management.

  • e-Equipment
  • A database of lab equipments in PPSK with basic information and related work instructions (LWI-laboratory work instruction) or operating procedures.