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5S is the name of a workplace organization methodology developed by Hiroyuki Hirano. It is known to be commonly used by the industries in Japan to create a comfortable, clean and safe workplace. Effective implementation of 5S practices can improve the quality of service, save costs and simplify work processes. 5S also strengthens a department's Quality Management System, particularly in meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 clauses relating to Resource Management and Working Environment. Effective and consistent 5S implementation will also add value to the corporate image of the department as a whole.

The School of Health Sciences has conducted various awareness campaigns and promotions of 5S implementation. For example, The School of Health Sciences “Sustainability Day” on July 31, 2011 has involved all units of the Schools to participate simultaneously and to work towards achieving 5S standards.

The dean of School of Health Sciences, Prof Ahmad Hj Zakaria has also demonstrated his commitment on 5S implementation by signing an undertaking during a Campus-wide 5S Launching Ceremony held on August 9, 2011 which was witnessed by the Vice-Chancellor of USM .


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